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Gadget of the (Christmas) Day: Circuit board decorations

The problem with Christmas trees is they’re just too low-tech. We’re not including the fiber-optic tac-fests in this sweeping statement, o

Looks like there is, now: Christmas tree decorations made from old circuit boards. Yes, you read that correctly.

Trouble with circuit boards is they’re tricky to recycle, we’re told, but that doesn’t stop old ones piling up like junk mail on your doormat. Nigel’s Eco Store has other ideas and has cunningly cut them into shapes, the shapes of Christmas bells and Christmas trees. Nigel’s also made some from old CDs.

There’s only two designs at the moment, but we don’t see why the shapes should stop there. Or with the circuit boards. We’re going to sprinkle our trees with old headphones, mobile phone buttons, Game Boy cartridges and old batteries.


Christmas Tree Decoration – recycled circuit board

Price: £3

On sale: Out Now

Contact: Nigel’s Eco Store

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