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Gadget of the Day: Olympus 790SW Winter Kit

Enter the Olympus mju 790 SW Winter Kit with much more slopes credibility than our lame snowboard lingo.Olympus’s rugged little 790 SW camera ha

Olympus’s rugged little 790 SW camera has been a regular sidekick on our outdoors ventures and now it comes with silver paintjob and a bunch of free winter stuff to boot.  Free – our favourite price. 

Adding Starry Silver to the already retina burning 790 SW colour range (lime green anyone?) the freeze, water and shockproof little tough guy comes with a neoprene case, a Rossignol beanie to warm your bounce and a ‘snow tube’. 

We’re weren’t sure what this was at first, but on further investigation the snow tube seems to be an inflatable rubber ring for bombing headfirst down snowy slopes, presumably when using your snowboard is just too easy. 

Giving you 7.1MP and a 3x optical zoom, the 790SW will survive drops of 1.5m, water down to 4m and temperatures down to a chilblain chattering -10°C. 

It’s in shops now at £200, well worth the abuse our rubbish snowboard skills will put it through.   


Olympus mju 790 Winter Kit

Price: £200

On sale: Now

Contact: Olympus

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