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Gadget of the Day: O’Neill NavJacket

The clothes of the future will do all kinds of clever things for us. Gloves, for example, will come with mobile phones built into them; hats will spor

O’Neill is offering up the NavJacket – a ski jacket with built-in GPS. The clever coat will pin-point your location on the sloaps, and show you details of all the routes at your disposal on its sleeve-mounted display. It’ll even location your ski-chums and show you how you can follow them on their runs.

It doesn’t stop there. The NavJacket will also yelp instructions to you through the hood, show you local weather conditions and bring up embarrassing/useful details on your route like distance and time.

And if that wasn’t enough, bring a Bluetooth phone into the mix and the NavJacket will offer up 3D views of your resort and areas of interest – though hopefully not while you’re working your way down the north face of the Eiger.

Never mind the slopes, we need one to navigate round Oxford street while Christmas shopping.


O’Neill NavJacket

Price: £tba

On sale: 2008

Contact: O’Neill