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Gigantic 6.1in Huawei Ascend Mate smartphone incoming

We've got big manly hands, but surely this is getting just a little bit ridiculous?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was plenty large enough, but the race for bigger and bigger screens looks set to continue. Huawei’s Senior Vice President has confirmed that the company is working on a 6.1in handset – the previously spotted Huawei Ascend Mate.

Specs reportedly include a 6.1in 1080p touchscreen (pitting it against the likes of HTC’s Droid DNA and Deluxe) as well as 2GB of RAM and 1.8GHz quad-core innards.

We expect all that screen real estate to suck up plenty of juice, so Huawei has wisely crammed in a gargantuan 4000mAh battery into the presumably hefty shell of the Ascend Mate.

That’s all we have for the time being, so we look forward to CES in January where we expect this behemoth to be revealed.

[Weibo via TechRadar]

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