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Google Street View is coming to iOS 6

While you wait for the official app, you can enjoy Google Maps via your browser, with Street View coming soon

Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps is a bit navigationally-challenged, to say the least. But the good news is you can still rely on Google’s superior Maps service, via your mobile browser, and in two weeks Street View functionality will be added too.

So instead of trying to get to your local eatery and ending up in a favela in Brazil, you can point your web browser towards maps.google.com and you’ll be shovelling down steak in no time.

Unfortunately you won’t get a nice man or lady giving your spoken directions as you would with a dedicated Sat Nav app or iOS 6’s Maps, but that’s a small price for, you know, getting somewhere you need to be, within a week.

If you aren’t so keen on using your browser as a navigation tool, Google will be releasing a Maps app for iPhone and iPad, but it won’t arrive for at least a couple of months. Perhaps it’s using iOS 6 for directions.

[via The New York Times]

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