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Google’s self-driving cars

Google's latest experiment let's Johnny 5 drive

Unless you’re Sir Alan Sugar, a Dragon or Lady Penelope, it’s unlikely that you have your own private chauffeur. That could be set to change however, as Google continues its efforts for world domination by raising the curtain on a previously secret research project; a car that drives itself.

The search engine behemoth revealed that its self-driven prototype has already clocked up over 140,000 miles on the roads of California, which is a very promising figure considering that not one crash has been reported.

The modified Toyota Prius works its magic via the use of various cameras, laser range finders and radar sensors to navigate roads and obstacles. Couple these with the gargantuan amount of street data locked away in Google’s vaults and the idea doesn’t sound half as far-fetched does it?

Promising stuff, but fingers crossed that the cars don’t become self-aware and drive us into a wall as part of the inevitable robot uprising.

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