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Graham Glee adds power to your headphones

Here’s a useful gadget for audiophiles-on-the-go – and those of you who don’t know what you’re missing when it comes to top-no

Slee, a British specialist audio company, reckons portable music is ruined by the crummy amps built into most pairs of headphones.

That’s where Voyager comes in. It boosts the quality of the music you’re listening to by doing the amplification like a true piece of high-end audio. And it does it in your pocket. Ooh, we love convenience.

The iPod Classic-sized Voyager has a 3.5mm mini-jack socket and comes boxed with a matching mini-jack to mini-jack connection cable, and a 9volt power adaptor to give it its juice.

Graham Slee’s new portable headphone amplifier, aka the Voyager, is on sale now at digi-music stalwarts Advanced MP3 Players.


Graham Slee headphone amplifier: the Voyager

Price: £180

On sale: Out Now

Contact: Advanced MP3 Players.com