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GroundWave Shadow sneakers teach you how to dance

Got two left feet? These concept trainers will get you grooving

If you’re as malcoordinated as us, any attempt to get your groove on leads to blood on the dance floor – as you step on everyone’s feet. So these GroundWave Shadow sneakers could be a godsend.

Created by industrial designer Tom Sykes as a final year project at Loughborough University Design School, the GroundWave concept uses accelerometer sensors to track your tootsies, syncing up with a smartphone app to teach you where to put your feet in time to the beat.

Okay, so as a concept design the GroundWaves aren’t going to be on sale any time soon – but as well as the design protoype, Tom has also built a tech proof-of-concept. “I built a model with an accelerometer in an existing shoe and monitored the outputs, calibrated to read in Gs,” he tells Stuff.tv – and it works. With the likes of Adidas’ miCoach Speed Cell adding tracking tech to shoes, it wouldn’t take too much effort to make the GroundWaves a reality. To Kickstarter!

[via PSFK]

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