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Icon – Airmineral island air purifier

'What on earth is that thing?' we hear you cry. Click on, and all will be revealed…

What the –

Let’s just dive straight in to it. That Apple-esque device above is an air purifier. Not a second generation Portal turret, a UFO or a chic projector, but an air purifier.

Yawn. Got enough air, thanks

We’d normally tell you to cover your mouth when yawning but then you wouldn’t get the benefits of the unique sea water plasma pumped out by our three legged friend here.

Sea water plasma?

Oh, you didn’t know? Breathing in micro particles of sprayed sea water allows essential minerals and antioxidants to be absorbed into your body. A perfect way to slow down the unhealthy ravages of Friday night Kebab binges.

I guess I want one. How much?

This is in fact a concept designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for Airmineral meaning no pricetag or release date. Looks like Brighton pier will have to sort you out for now. Just lay off the chips.

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