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Icon – Bertone Nuccio Concept

Automotive styling house Bertone marks its 100th anniversary with a slice of orangey goodness

Looks like someone’s given their car a wedgie

Indeed – Mike Robinson’s design for the Bertone Nuccio pays tribute to that most angular of automotive designs, the 1970 Lancia Stratos Zero. We particularly like the smashing orangey bit on top.

Is it all mouth and no trousers, though?

By no means. The Bertone Nuccio packs in a 4.3l V8, producing plenty of horsepower – 483 dobbins’ worth, to be precise. It’s the same engine that’s inside the updated Ferrari California.

Magnificent! Where can I buy one?

Sadly the Bertone Nuccio’s a concept design, so don’t expect to see one gracing your driveway any time soon. It’ll be on display at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show for you to drool over, though.