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Icon – Vintech P550 Tribute

Mixing the classic styling of the Porsche 550 with 21st-century technology, this car's sure to get your motor running

This is a tribute act, then?

Yep – the Vintech P550 pays homage to the Porsche 550 coupe. Given that an original Porsche 550 Spyder recently sold for $US3.6m, you’re probably not going to be able to afford the real deal.

It doesn’t look like a replica, though…

Rather than making a straightforward replica of the 500, Vintech has updated its P550 Tribute to meet modern specifications, while keeping as much of the 550’s character as possible.

And what are these updates?

It’s 21st-century tech wrapped around 1950s styling – so you get a full carbon fiber body housing a 3.0l boxer engine and five-speed manual transmission.

I’m sold. How much?

Sadly price details are scant – and while it’s not going to top the US£3.6m you’ll pay a Porsche 550, we’d expect it to pay a pretty penny for it. We’ll find out exactly how much when it’s unveiled at The Quail Motorsport Gathering in Carmel, California on August 17th.

[via Uncrate]

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