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The Ion Air Pro HD headcam loves being sociable

Thanks to a handy Wi-Fi attachment you can upload your extreme antics to Facebook before you’ve even dismounted your bike

The Ion Air Pro HD Sports Video Camera might be a mouthful to say – but carrying and using it look to be very easy indeed. Thanks to a Wi-Fi Podz add-on you can connect the Ion Air Pro to your smartphone and instantly upload footage to social networks like Facebook. Showing off has never been easier.

The Ion Air Pro’s wide-angle lens records 1080p video with a 170-degree viewing angle, which should be perfect for clear perspective shots of dodging boulders on your downhill bike ride. Another nice touch is that the Wi-Fi Podz lets you stream your freaky footage directly to your smartphone, so you can angle the camera just right, and watch your run immediately after.

Wireless linking works with iOS and Android devices. The Ion folk kindly throw in 8GB of online storage in their very own Ion Cloud too.

You can get yours from early April for £200 including a mini tripod, or spend £250 for the Ion Air Pro Plus, which includes a system for mounting the camera on your bike handlebars or helmet. The Wi-Fi Podz is an extra £80 – yiou can also get the whole lot in the Ion Air Pro Wi-Fi package for £300, due out in May.

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