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iPad 3 coming soon? iPad 2 price slash says so

Yet another clue arrives to suggest we’ll be seeing the Retina Display iPad 3 this March

The iPad 3 has been a long time coming – well, a year to be exact – and now, around the same time that saw the dual-core iPad 2 launch last year, we’re expecting the quad-core, Retina Display iPad 3. Apart from a host of evidence pointing to the iPad 3 launching in March, US retailer Meijer has dropped its iPad 2 price by US$70, suggesting the outlet is clearing its inventory ahead of an iPad 3 release.

This means not only that we’re expecting the quad-core A6-toting iPad 3 with Retina Display to be revealed in March, but also that it’ll go on sale almost immediately after. So now we wait eagerly for that first week in March (the same time as MWC 2012) for Apple to announce the coming of the iPad 3.

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