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iPad Mini to get Retina Display and iPad 5 to lose weight

The Apple rumour mill is up to speed for the New Year and it’s spitting out lighter, clearer iPads

With a New Year comes new Apple kit, and loose lips in the supply chain have already revealed details about the next wave of iPads from Cupertino. Expect 2013 to bring a new Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display and iPad 5 with light-weight build, if Digitimes‘ sources are to be believed.

Backlighting suppliers in Taiwan claim that the next-gen iPad Mini will have enhanced resolution – although they haven’t mentioned the words “Retina Display,” we can’t see Apple doing much less after the initial iPad Mini release let us down on the screen front.

The other murmor floating about the factory floor is that Apple has ditched one of the two light bars in the full sized iPad 5 to make it lighter in the hand than its predecessor.

[Digitimes via Macworld]

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