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iPhone 4 – FWIW, my tuppence

Run! Save yourselves! The iPhone 4 has a fundamental flaw! It's a stupid, annoying flaw. A flaw that has led to a lot of news-makers who know nothing

Run! Save yourselves! The iPhone 4 has a fundamental flaw! It’s a stupid, annoying flaw. A flaw that has led to a lot of news-makers who know nothing of technology guffawing that Apple has made a phone that “can’t even do phone calls” – and for some PR experts to suggest that a recall is necessary, as there is no difference between Apple’s situation and that of Toyota and its sticking accelerator pedal.What nonsense. For one, there is a great deal of difference, because it’s hard to see how anyone could be injured as a result of losing a couple of bars of signal when they grip a phone in a certain way. I can’t think of any scenario in which they might.Actually, I can. It involves being attacked by a bear in a forest. With your remaining left arm and unbroken fingers you manage to dial the emergency services and, gripping your iPhone 4 in the only way you can still manage, covering the lower left edge with your palm, you cry for help. As the bear finishes gnawing on your right arm and rounds on you and that final bar of signal drops away, you’ll be completely justified in being a little bit miffed about the iPhone 4’s design quirk.But lawsuits? Endless haranging on forums? Ridiculous, not least because every smartphone I’ve ever used has a flaw that’s as or more detrimental to its daily use. At least with the iPhone 4 you can predict the way it will behave, and you can use it accordingly. Who knows what might happen when I turn up the volume on my HTC HD2? Seriously, anything can happen.The thing is, no-one is bothered about issues in other phones. They’ll be mentioned in a forum and forgotten a couple of hours later. But the iPhone 4 is so mainstream that this has turned into international news. There’s even an emergency press conference planned for tomorrow. Apple didn’t help by suggesting the cause is a software issue, of course, when the evidence is mounting that the hardware is at fault.If only problems with other devices were so easily fixed. I wish I could guarantee delivery of SMS messages by sticking an inch of sellotape on my HD2. I bet Julian wishes he could speed up his Motorola Milestone by putting it in a case. I can, however, fix your iPhone 4 for you: NEW! iPhone 4 iPlasters with Anti-Bacterial coating! Amuse your friends by “healing your iPhone” with a real life plaster! Just £9.99 with FREE 2nd class SHIPPING, available NOW from the Apple Store (or from me direct – post your details below and I’ll send one to you. Just got 32 from Boots).Clearly, I’m being an idiot. But the fact is, even with a fundamental flaw, the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone in the world. This is a PR disaster, yes – but Stuff doesn’t care about PR, it cares about gadgets. If you want to miss out on it because you can’t bear the thought of putting it in a case, that’s fine. It’ll be your loss.


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