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iPhone 5 to launch with fingerprint reader?

Apple has just begun its most expensive takeover of AuthenTec – a fingerprint security company

The iPhone 5 – when it’s announced this Wednesday 12th September – may come with a 2D fingerprint scanner. Apple needs something innovative to beat the competition, with the impressive Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ticking all the boxes for specs and the Nokia Lumia 920 taking cameras to another level. A fingerprint reader could be just the ace Apple needs up its sleeve.

Apple is currently securing fingerprint security company AuthenTec for its most expensive buyout ever at US$365m (£228m). AuthenTec already has a development contract with the fruit giant that was signed back in July. Couple that with Apple’s Passbook, which is being used by more and more airlines to store boarding passes, and it looks like a fingerprint reader could be a reality.

The fingerprint reader will allow for a mobile wallet style payment system as well as more secure storage – which will open up yet another revenue stream for Apple. So it looks like we could also be seeing NFC in the iPhone 5 to finally replace your wallet.

Perhaps this concept video featuring an iPhone 5 fingerprint reader was more accurate than expected. Although don’t get your hopes up for rubberised electronics anytime soon.

[Via The Guardian]

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