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iPhone showdown: T-Mobile v Vodafone

[intro]As the iPhone launches in the US, new reports say Vodafone is on track to bag the Apple mobile in Europe[/intro]  Hate to say I told you


Hate to say I told you so, but… current reports suggest that Vodafone will bag the iPhone in Europe, and not T-Mobile as previously reported. The report, from Dutch magazine Bright, suggest the only sticking point is subsidy – Voda wants the iPhone to be cheap with a hefty tariff, while Apple doesn’t want to hit iPod sales so wants to keep the iPhone price high.

I was over at T-Mobile yesterday, and the bods over there seemed pretty upbeat about the iPhone, so I’m guessing no ink has yet hit paper.

And I’m still hoping that the iPhone will launch with a 3G connection in Europe. But with only a few months left before Apple’s target date – the forth quarter of 2007 – I think it’s unlikely. Not least because Apple knows it could sell plenty of GPRS iPhones, and then sell many of the same punters a shiny new 3G version 12 months later.

As our in-house cynic Simon Osborne-Walker pointed out to me earlier, a 3G version of the iPhone certainly won’t have a 5-8 hour battery life. Decisions, decisions…

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