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Just because they could – the lie down shower

Take laziness to a whole new decedent level with this horizontal full-body cleanser

German plumbing manufacturer Dornbracht has decided to revamp the classic body cleansing apparatus we all know and love by adding a lazy twist. Meet the horizontal shower.

One look at the picture above is all you really need to get the gist of it, but essentially the unit consists of (what looks like) a rather hard shelf or platform in which you lie down, while multiple jets of water cascade on you from above.

Apart from the impracticality of soaking your entire bathroom, we quite like the ability to alter the flow of water with a control unit that selects pre-programmed patterns, as well as, of course, changing the temperature and pressure.

The horizontal shower (as seen on Dvice) is available right now for an as-of-yet undisclosed price – though we’re assuming you’ll have to sacrifice that small family car you were thinking of buying if you want one to grace your bathroom.

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