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JVC unveils world’s first handheld 4K camcorder

That's right, record four times HD resolution in your hand with the GY-HMQ10

JVC has been beavering away on a 4K camcorder for a couple of years now – but it looks like it’s finally set to hit the shelves in 2012.

JVC’s GY-HMQ10 camcorder, announced at CES, comes packing a 1/2in 8.3MP CMOS sensor that’ll shoot footage at a mind-boggling 3840×2160 resolution, at 24p, 50p and 60p, using JVC’s own Falconbird LSI processing.

The GY-HMQ10 also sports a f/2.8 10x zoom lens with the obligatory optical image stabiliser, plus a 3.5in touchscreen LCD. Which is hardly adequate for viewing your 4K footage, so happily it can also output 4K footage in real time.

Unsurprisingly, the GY-HMQ10 can also shoot at lower resolutions, shooting 1080i and 1080/50p full HD – and you can crop an HD image from a 4K frame in-camera during playback. 

The GY-HMQ10 records using a variable bit rate H.264 codec at up to 144Mbps, and can output up to two hours of 4K footage to SDHC or SDXC memory cards.

You’ll have to dig deep into your pocket if you want to get a slice of the 4K action, though – rather appropriately, the GY-HMQ10 will cost you 4K – £4400, that is. It goes on sale in March – better start putting the pennies in the piggy bank now.

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