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La Boite Concept LD 120 and 130 are the speaker desks you’ve been dreaming of

No more tinny laptop speakers, a sexy piece of furniture and more room up top for gadgets – we call that a win win win

In a few years time, we hope to have truly musical houses – is there a speaker built into the fridge or the freezer? Which arm of the sofa is that glorious sound coming from? And who submerged the shower radio in the bowl of Pimms?

Taking a somewhat classier approach is the LD series from La Boite Concept – which melds an easy-on-the-eye desk design made from expensive materials (cherry wood, leather, piano lacquered finishes) and packing some serious loudspeaker credentials. The idea is that you pop your laptop onto the LD 120 or larger LD 130 desk to do some work, slot in the USB cable and connect it to the ‘hi-fi quality’ speakers inside the desk. You can hook up your phone or iPod to the LD Series desks too.

There are a pair of stereo drivers at the back of the LD series desks plus four drivers and a subwoofer at the front. Three amps complete the identical set-up – the only difference being that the LD 130 delivers 130W versus the LD 120’s, er, 120W. That explains the names then.

La Boite Concept is selling these interior design treats in red, white, grey and black. Get them on your (no doubt) daily shop at Selfridges and Conran, where prices start at £870.

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