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LG confirms Optimus G successor coming to the UK in Autumn

LG's Optimus G could have a fresh-faced handset to follow in its footsteps later this year...

We were pretty taken with the Optimus G and G Pro (pictured above) at MWC but were disappointed to learn that neither handset would be gracing us with their presence in the UK. However it seems our disappointment was only intended to be short-lived with LG confirming it is readying an as yet unofficial flagship for the UK in Q3 of this year.

Thought to be called the Optimus G2, the unofficially named handset will likely go head-to-head with the likes of the impending Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and the next-gen iPhone. With LG yet to confirm its rumoured moniker – despite referring to its new smartphone as the G2 on more than one occasion – it is possible the phone will arrive in the UK under a completely different name.

At this stage details are pretty thin on the ground but LG’s head of Mobile Communication for Europe, Won Kim, has confirmed its new flagship is going to be “something different and something unique.”

“To some extent we have to tease the features and specifications through channels but it is somewhat premature in terms of talking about the G2 in terms of specifications.”

Unlike the recent influx of super-sized smartphones-come-tablets it is thought LG’s flagship will stick closer to the 5in mark as opposed to throwing another device into the super-sized phablet category.

Still got your eyes on the bigger-screened Optimus Pro? When quizzed on whether we’ll see the Optimus G Pro in the UK Mr Kim declared “anything is possible.”

So there you have it – LG is planning to attack the smartphone market later this year and apparently “we will want to buy it.”

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