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LG’s 2021 OLED series at bargain prices on Amazon – over £500 off some models

Who actually needs a telly when you can just look at these OLED TV deals all day?

LG is pretty widely accepted as the OLED king. Its sets produce some of the best images you’ll be able to find. The company is just beginning to roll out this year’s new OLED series. While they look stunning, the price tag doesn’t.

But there’s good news! While telly fans are heralding LG’s latest OLED TVs, Amazon has put some of last year’s models up for offer. Some of the tellies are currently a whopping £577 off on Amazon UK!

The very well-received C1 OLED has the biggest discount on the 55-inch model: down from £1,699.99 to £1,122.82, a huge £577 saving!

The 48-inch C1 boasts a £130 discount, down to £969. If a huge size is key, the 77-inch C1 is currently down to £2,799, a £100 saving.

If you’re looking for some of LG’s cheaper OLED tellies, you’re also in luck. The lower-end A1 set is down £84 to £725 for the 55-inch model. Also, the 55-inch mid-range B1 model is down by £72 for £857.

It’s unclear how long these deals will last, so it might be worth taking advantage of them while you can. You won’t need any promo codes, just follow the above links.

If you don’t think now is the right time to pick up one of these boxes, don’t worry! Prime Day 2022 is approaching, with the event likely taking place in early July. Amazon’s discount shopping event usually boasts some fairly significant deals on TVs. We’re not sure what the deals will be, but you can expect to save big money.