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LG’s 2nd-gen Blu-ray/HD DVD player UK bound

Korean electronic mastermind LG has finally launched its latest solution to the high definition format war; the Blu-ray and HD DVD-playing BH200. The

Despite being able to play HD DVD discs, LG’s first stab at this player couldn’t access all the format’s additional features.

But LG had already slapped an official HD DVD logo on the player, infuriating the Justice League of HD DVD, who promptly demanded the logo be removed. Cuh! Eh?

It seems LG’s got its act together this time round and included full HD DVD support so the logo’s sitting there in all its glory.

And the BH200 does look glorious. The Multi Blu player supports Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD, CD; it upscales standard def into 1080i; it supports 24, 30 and 60fps movies; supports MPEG-2, VC-1, H.264, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, DTS and DTS-HD audio. Phew!

Wait! It also has a LAN port for interactive delights and packs HDMI 1.3. Happily, it also has a love-on for Deep Color – the eye-wetting, billion to trillion colour palette all new HD devices are beginning to support. Like the PS3.

Rumours abound the player will be a fraction of the £1,000 price tag of its predecessor. A cheap, dual-format HD player? The war is over!

A UK release date is unconfirmed, but if the last Super Blu player’s release is anything to go by, we should be drooling on it by Easter.


LG BH200 Multi Blu player

Price: £tba

On sale: Early 2008

Contact: LG

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