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Linn supercharges its Akurate range

After a nice bit of hi-fi? Budget not an issue? Linn has something for you

The hi-fi brigade are a sensitive lot. When the rest of us are tapping our feet to a tune, they’re complaining about sibilance, crosstalk and electromagnetic interference.

Linn has decided to shut them up. The Glaswegian high-end audio boffs invited us over for some tea and Sympathy For The Devil to give us some ear time with its new hi-fi kit.

From the company that last year declared CDs too low quality to bother with comes a redesigned Akurate DS network streamer with jitter-bucking tech and new circuitry that can shoot distortion dead at fifty paces.

There’s no hard drive or Wi-Fi. The former – like CD transports – creates magnetic interference when it spins and the latter is at the mercy of new wireless standards.

Linn also trotted out the Akurate Kontrol, a pre-amp stage packed with more noise-sniping tech.

All this comes at a price – the Akurate DS will set you back £4500, while the Kontrol is a relative snip at £4200. The Akurate 2200 power amp will add £3350 to that and a pair of new Akurate Aktiv quin-wirable speakers (with a choice of 200-odd colours) will put a dent in your wallet measuring between $4100 and £4850.

But you’ll finally be able to listen to music without your audiophile friends moaning about EMF noise. Whatever that is.

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