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Manfrotto adds a tripod and 24 LED light fixture to your iPhone

Ever wanted to bulk up your iPhone with a tripod and LED flash combo? Well now you can

When is an iPhone no longer an iPhone? When it’s got a bulky case, tripod and a 24 LED light fixture bolted onto it? Philosophy aside, that’s the setup Manfrotto is offering with its KLYP case and accessory range.

The KLYP case itself is designed to protect your iPhone while offering a solid foundation for attaching it to a full-sized or mini tripod for more stable and trickier shots.

Serious shutterbugs can also choose to attach a 12- or 24-LED light fixture to the KLYP case for some serious low-light action. Although it’s currently only compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S, we wouldn’t be surprised to see an iPhone 5-friendly imaging package turn up at some point.

The KLYP case can be picked up for around £25, with the 12 LED/24LED and case packages setting you back around £75 and £80 respectively. Inspiration and decent photos are however still up to you.

[via Dvice]

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