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MGM signs with Orange for movie downloads

The future of the video rental shop has looked pretty bleak for a while, what with video downloads and free online rentals. It’s the convenience

Orange – the French British Telecom, if you like – has signed a deal with US movie hotshot MGM to stick all its films online for customers to download on demand; a service also known as video on demand (VOD). Orange customers download the films, starting from 1 Euro, on their PC or on special set-top boxes. They can keep the films for up to 24 hours, watch it as often as they like; they can even pause, rewind and fast-forward it. Outstanding.

Le Orange’s download service, called 24/24 Video by those in the know, already has the likes of Paramount and Fox under its video-demanding belt. So the choice now must be pretty extensive.

While 24/24 Video is available in most of Europe, it’s not yet ready for the UK. But we’re told it’ll hop the Channel ‘soon’.

MGM’s deal marks another step in the endless journey of ‘Major film studios trying to find ways to sell their films online without encouraging those pesky pirates or blowing loads of cash’. So good luck to them.


24/24 Video

Price: From

On sale: Available in the UK soon

Contact: Orange.com