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Mio Navman outs TV-packing sat-nav range

Mio Navman has outed its ultimate boring car journey buster, in the shape of the Navman Spirit TV sat nav range, we first heard about last month.Packi

Packing a freeview tuner, the both V505 and V735 models will allow you and the family to watch TV on the go – and of course avoid the need to install expensive TV screens in your seats to keep the kids entertained.

Offered in 4.7-inch (V505) and 7-inch (V735) versions, the Spirit range will pick up hundreds of digital TV channels across Europe, so you’ll be able to keep watching even on long road trips across the continent.

It will also include a seven-day programme guide so you’ll be able to choose your channel wisely.

Of course, the devices will also cater for the usual sat nav uses as well. This includes directions complete with safety camera warnings, 3D Junction Views and traffic notifications, as well as features like Explore Mode for POIs in the area, Pedestrian Mode and Travel Books from Wcities for lists of places to eat, stay and visit.

The V735 also boasts the added functionality of a built-in FM transmitter, which means users can tune the device into their car speakers via the radio for louder instructions.

Both models are set to hit shelves in July, with price tags of £299.99 for the V735 and £229 for the V505.

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