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Money for old mobiles

As if there wasn’t already enough good reasons to visit the What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Show in association with Stuff magazine you could now

Every time we publish a story about some new-fangled video/camera/internet phone that’s thinner than a human hair another mobile gets lobbed onto that giant pile of obsolete gadgets. 

But there’s no need to feel guilty any longer. Just rock up to the London Novotel between 2-4 November with a (reusable) bag full of old handsets and Envirofone’s skilled operatives will be on hand to give them a quick once-over and exchange them for a shiny new cheque.

Gather together 10 old phones and Envirofone will not only give you a cheque for their worth but you’ll also get free entry to the show. 

All those old handsets will then go to appreciative new owners in growing economies around the world while you go about browsing the swanky new gadgets on show with the burden of eco-guilt lifted from your shoulders.