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MWC 2012 – Fujitsu reveals details on its quad-core smartphone

Here's all you need to know on Fujitsu's upcoming quad-core blower from the land of the rising sun

Fujitsu has revealed details on its upcoming quad-core smartphone in a one-on-one briefing with Stuff here at MWC in Barcelona, and the currently unnamed prototype is shaping up to be rather impressive from what we’ve seen.

The spec list for Fujitsu’s quad-core smartphone is littered with ‘TBCs’ for the time being but we do know that it’ll be running Ice Cream Sandwich, be powered by a 1.5Ghz Tegra 3 processor and will have a 13.1MP camera.

Fujitsu’s quad-core smartphone will be joining its Japanese comrade the Panasonic Eluga in being waterproof and we’re told that it can withstand depths of 1.5 metres for up to 30 mins, meaning that spilled drinks, sinks (and if you’re unfortunate, toilets) will be of no threat whatsoever.

Aside from the the seeds of an impressive spec list, Fujitsu described to us its ‘Human Centric Engine’ which will be deeply integrated within it’s Tegra 3 quad-core smartphone, offering a whole host of tech designed to give users an intelligent self-adjusting smartphone experience.

Examples include dual microphone technology which cleverly filters out background noise on both ends of a phone call, and automatic echo cancellation if you’re talking in a stairwell (or Batcave). The ringtone will also cleverly adjust its loudness based on ambient noise levels.

Another neat touch is the age-specific frequency adjustment to ensure the clearest audio for your ageing ears and real-time speech slowing which elongates gaps between callers’ words so that you can understand them better if they’re nattering away too fast.

The phone willbe compatible with health devices like blood pressure monitors and will also feature a rear proximity sensor which turns the display off when placed down on a table. A biometric fingerprint scanner which can restrict access to apps will also be integrated.

Fujitsu is currently talking with network providers in the UK and hopes to launch its Japanese tech-packed quad-core beast by Q4 of this year along with a razer-thin Arrows X smartphone, and we can’t wait to get wrap our hands around a final version. In the meantime we managed to nab a hands on with Fujitsu’s prototype here at MWC, so stay tuned for our pics and first impressions.

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