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MWC 2013 – LG unveils phone-to-TV 4K video streaming

Wireless Ultra High Definition Transmission tech uses half the battery life of rival tech, says LG

LG has unveiled Wireless Ultra High Definition Transmission, a technology for smartphones that (yep, you guessed it) allows them to transmit ultra HD video such as 4K to a compatible television wirelessly.

While the idea might not sound groundbreaking, it’s impressive due to the sheer amount of data it needs to shift: streaming 4K video in real time with no lag or loss of frame rate over existing Wi-Fi networks is a pretty big deal. And as people start to snap up 4K TVs over the next few years, this sort of technology is going to become vital as a means of getting new 4K material to watch on that shiny new gogglebox.

What’s more, LG claims that Wireless Ultra High Definition transmission uses less than half the power of similar technologies currently available. Your smartphone’s battery will appreciate that.

[LG via Engadget]

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