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MWC 2013 – Your next phone will shoot 4K

Qualcomm says UHD phones to arrive 'in the second half of this year'

There may not be much in the way of 4K TV yet, but the goat videos, cat-based LOLs and inexplicable dancing of the young people on the internet will soon be rendered in super-crisp 4K megavision – because the technology is coming to smartphones.

The ability to shoot 4K is built into Qualcomm’s most powerful mobile chip, the Snapdragon 800, which can both record the 4000 x 2560 footage and play it out to a gigantic, hilariously expensive TV. In an interview at Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm told Stuff that they expect to see phones packing the Snapdragon 800 chip on shelves in the second half of this year. In fact, we had a go on a 4K-shooting phone (above), but that’s not the one you’ll buy – it’s just a reference device the chipmaker gives out to developers.

The S800 chip, announced at CES, is the big brother of the 600 whirring away inside the spankingly attractive HTC One. While you can’t yet buy a phone that contains it, that’ll change when the ZTE Grand Memo goes on sale. Among its other skills are 7.1 surround and virtual surround, which should give those dancing goat videos a professional touch.

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