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My Gadget Life – Charlotte Jackson

Sky Sports News' frontwoman tells us about her Championship Manager 2010 addiction... My gadget love started earlyWhen I was really young I had a smal

Sky Sports News’ frontwoman tells us about her Championship Manager 2010 addiction…

My gadget love started early

When I was really young I had a small Casio keyboard that you could play demos on. It was hours of fun. I liked to think everyone thought it was me playing these amazingly flawless tunes but I was fooling no-one.

I got my first mobile when I was at school

It was like a brick. Not many people had them so at the time it made me the height of fashion, but looking back I really cringe.


I’d be lost without my TomTom

I have the worst sense of direction. I don’t know how I managed without one. Having to stop and look at maps all the time wasn’t half frustrating and stressful. It makes you realise how much easier life can be with a little technology, yet at the same time it’s rather scary to think how much we now rely on it.


Kick-Off is probably my favourite game ever

It’s a classic. Its playability and speed still make it stand out today. Some games concentrate too much on graphics. They forget that ease-of-play is so important.

I’m addicted to Championship Manager 2010

The iPhone version is great too. It’s not as complicated as the main game so you play matches more frequently and win more often. I’m a bit of a sucker for the glory.

I’d like a robot butler

My dream gadget would be a robot you could tell to do all the cleaning and cooking. I hate coming home to a mess, it’s just such a chore.

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