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Mystery accessory to be released with the iPad 3?

An accessory known only as B82 is coming on March 7th. We sift through the rumours to find out what it could be

As Apple rumours go, this is an odd one. We’re hearing reports that an accessory, known only by its codename B82, will be launched alongside the iPad 3 and new Apple TV on March 7th.

It isn’t known if the B82 is designed to work with the iPad 3, the rumoured Apple TV, or even both.

Rumour suggests the new Apple TV will have Bluetooth 4.0, so it could be a snazzy new remote control.

Another possibility – albeit a slim one – is that the B82 is a game controller. We’ve been saying that Apple needs to stop dipping its toe in the gaming pool and jump in properly.

There have been suggestions that it’s a new cover for the iPad. Let’s assume they’re wrong, because this would be quite dull. And with the iPad 2’s lovely magnetic smart cover, do we really need an updated version?

It could also be the mystery smaller cable that Apple is rumoured to be making. Goodbye 30-pin connector, hello smaller, not very compatible docking cable? For the sake of Arcam rCubes and B&W Zeppelin Airs everywhere, we really hope not.

Smart money is on the remote, but we can’t help wishing it’s the game controller. Please, Apple, make it so!

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