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Never have odd socks again thanks to these RFID-tagged Smarter Socks

RFID chips in your socks solve a problem that literally no-one has wrestled with

Odd socks are called that for a reason – they’re not natural, and they need to be stopped. Now, thanks to Blacksocks’ RFID-equipped Smarter Socks, your sock will never lose its partner again.

Check out the video above for a guide plus some noble attempts at sock jokes, which we’ll avoid trying to top. The socks come with an NFC reader that lets you scan your sock so it appears on your iPhone app and gives you details including if it’s left or right, how many times it’s been washed, and even its own ID number. And if you find two odds you can even pair them to live out their days together.

The app also has a black counter that uses your phone’s camera to measure the blackness of your socks. Then you can decide if it’s time for a new pair or, if there’s lots, a nice big pot of black dye. At US$190 (£118) for a ten pack of socks that dye might not sound like such a crazy idea.

[Via Dvice]

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