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New Gears of War game coming

Teaser artwork of sequel revealed – and we can expect more info next week

It seems that there’s another Gears of War title in the works – although the first image reveals very little about the game.

Given the success of the Microsoft-published, Epic Games-developed Gears of War trilogy, it’s hardly surprising to see that there’s another instalment on the horizon – despite the first three titles (all on Xbox 360) seemingly ending the story of the Locust emergence.

The first teaser image – as seen on the cover of the next edition of Game Informer, shows what appears to be a COG trooper in chains, being led by a couple of other COGs. We can’t see who the captive is because he’s in silhouette… but could it be Marcus Phenix in a prequel game? Phenix started the first Gears of War title in jail, after all.

We’re bound to find out more at E3 next week, so stay tuned.

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