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New LG PC monitor hits UK

We all like crystal sharp images on our PC monitors, don’t we? That was rhetorical, to be honest. Of course we do. It’s like the window bl

LG’s new monitor, the L227WT, released today in the UK, brings us one step closer to that movie-related dream. The South Korean electronic suprimo’s 22in PC window packs a 5000:1 contrast ratio, a 1680×1050 resolution and a 170 degree viewing angle. In short, that’s some very fine viewing, right there.

The L227WT also boasts a 2m/s response time, which is very useful for smoothing out the blurring and noise the average monitor spits out regularly. So, on paper, it seems ideal for high-octane gaming. Though we’ll confirm this when we get our hands on one.

It’s operated by a touch-sensitive control button, it says here. So, it’s a safe bet the L227WT will eat up power while it’s doing nothing.

The L227WT also boasts something called ‘ez-zooming’, which, in America, is obviously ‘easy zooming’. It allows you to tweak the resolution should you want to. Unfortunately, LG didn’t do enough homework as it actually reads, simply, Ezz-zooming – what ever that is.


LG L227WT PC monitor

Price: £200

On sale: Out Now

Contact: LG

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