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New video! New iPad 3 first look review

Now that Apple has pulled back the curtain on its shiny new iPad 3, we couldn't wait to get in front of the camera...

In the words of Tim Cook, Apple and its shiny new iPad 3 are “redefining a category it created with the original iPad two years ago”. He’s not wrong. Round 3 sees Apple’s best iPad yet – and you can check it out in our first look review. It’s real name still remains a bit of a mystery (is it iPad 3 or the New iPad?) but there’s no denying Apple’s glorious new iPad 3 still remians the most desired rectangle on the planet.

There might not have been “one more thing”, but we were told Apple is “just getting started”. Makes you feel kind of impatient for the next announcement, doesn’t it?  

Read our in depth new iPad 3 review here.

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