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New Xbox reveal – games we expect to see

With hours to go until the big Xbox reveal, we take a look at the games we expect to see strutting their stuff on Microsoft's big green stage

The new Xbox Reveal event is mere hours away and we’ve got plenty of snacks and energy drinks to make sure we’re on top of our sugar-fuelled A-game. Aside from a console and (we hope) release date and pricing information, we expect to see quite a few games make an appearance. Here are the titles we could be treated to later on this evening.

Battlefield 4

We’ve already seen footage from Battlefield 4 make the rounds in the game-o-sphere, and all the rumours point to an almost guaranteed showing by DICE and EA’s latest shooter at the Xbox Reveal event. Expect more guns, more explosions and graphics to (virtually) die for.

Forza Motorsport 5

Car nuts, listen up. McLaren has already hinted that Microsoft will be revealing something special on its official Facebook page and earlier today it was discovered that Microsoft registered the trademark for Forza Vista – an improved version of the existing mode which lets you drool over every millimetre of the gorgeously rendered cars. Vroom vroom.


Another FIFA? Surely not we hear you cry. But yes, FIFA 14 is expected to dribble its way on the Microsoft stage, complete with five new features that will make you the new Messi.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Ubisoft’s latest blade-filled adventure has already been confirmed as a PS4 title, so we’d be very surprised if its support for the new Xbox wasn’t announced today.

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Watch Dogs

The same goes for Ubisoft’s intriguing Watch Dogs, in which you’ll be fighting the baddies by hacking everything in sight with your superior geek skills and super smartphone.


Although Sony has snapped up some exclusive content for Bungie’s Destiny, we’d be pretty surprised if it didn’t at least make an appearance, especially with the hug hype bubble surrounding the Halo creators’ latest MMO shooter title.


Respawn studios’ latest title (reportedly called Titan) could also slip out from Microsoft’s green curtain as an Xbox exclusive. Little is known about the mysterious title (look a the picture above for crying out loud), other than it’s a futuristic shooter featuring giant mechs and infantry, but that’s more than enough to get our trigger fingers prematurely itchy.