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Next Big Thing – SIM-less phones

Apple is leading the charge against networks ruining your fun. Apparently

Rumours are making the rounds in iPhone land again. Apple is working on a SIM-less iPhone, apparently. Hokum? Well, experience has taught us that it doesn’t take much to start an Apple rumour. But if it’s true, or if this is the future of mobiles, it could lead to a new way of selling – and more importantly – buying phones.

For a start, you could switch networks instantly without having to wait for the postman to turn up with a new piece of plastic. And where would you shop for a new contract? Not on the high street.

Say the Apple rumour is true, for instance. Guess where you’d choose your new signal buddy? Yep – the iTunes Store.

That’s bad news if you feel that manufacturers are trying to take too much control over your decisions. Add Carphone Warehouse to the list of shops having their turf stamped on by the likes of Apple: Waterstone’s, HMV, Blockbuster and Game. Scary? Just a bit.

But it’s good news, too – the ability to dump your network easily and just as casually sign up with a new one means you’ll have more control over how much you spend and what you spend it on. It’ll force networks to become more competitive, leading to better deals and bespoke packages tailored to your needs.

And the ability to punish a network for routing your important complaint to a call centre where it will be answered by robotically-programmed telephone jockey after an interminable wait listening to the crackling strains of Evening Classics Vol. 4 on repeat… well, that’s just priceless.

So, bring it on? Or not? Sadly, it’s unlikely you’ll get a choice in the matter. So long, SIM cards. It was fun while it lasted.

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