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No Blu-ray for Xbox 360

As far as rumours go it was up there with the 'Apple will use Intel chips', 'Palm will switch to Windows Mobile' and 'Sega will stop making consoles'

As far as rumours go it was up there with the ‘Apple will use Intel chips’, ‘Palm will switch to Windows Mobile’ and ‘Sega will stop making consoles’ type – all of which, er, came true. So while we weren’t holding our breaths on reports that Microsoft was considering an Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive, we still weren’t prepared to stake a dinner date with our hats on it.With Microsoft and its bargain, if slightly flawed, HD add-on (pictured) being one of the key partners in the HD DVD camp it was hardly likely. Still, with HD DVDs taking a hammering in the States and BD discs outselling them by more than two to one, there’d be no shame in switching sides if the tide really was turning – just ask Italy.As it turns out, however, our trilbies and HD DVD’s reputation were safe all along. Gamerscoreblog.com – run by Microsoft employees, so they should know – has posted that the rumours are a large pile of Internet hyped doo-doo.And just to make things absolutely crystal clear they add, ‘We’re fully committed to HD DVD and have absolutely no plans to support other optical formats.’ See, they can’t even speak its name.

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