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Nokia 3110 is a true tree hugger

It’s official; being green is cooler than a polar ice cap – as long as it’s not melted of course. The newest member to the green tea

It might not scare the N95 in a specs showdown but the 3110 Evolve’s polar-bear-friendly covers are made from 50 per cent renewable material, while 60 per cent of the packaging had a previous life. Even the charger turns the lights off when not in use, using 94 per cent less than energy than The Powers That Be demand.

When not trying to save the world the 3110 Evolve has a 1.3MP cam, microSD slot, Bluetooth 2.0 and even retro infrared. Let’s just hope that non-recyclable half isn’t made of depleted uranium, eh?

Nokia bigwigs have also announced a new subscription download service called Comes With Music that’ll launch sometime in the second half of 2008.

It’ll give you unlimited access to all of the Universal content on the Nokia Music Store – that means tracks by bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Arcade Fire and The Roots. Best of all though, once your subscription expires your music won’t vanish; it’ll be yours to keep forever. Hooray!


Nokia 3110 Evolve, Nokia Comes With Music

Price: £TBA, £TBA

On sale: Q1 2008, Q3/Q4 2008

Contact: Nokia