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Nokia C7 pics leaked

Nokia’s unannounced C7 gets pictured in detail and specs spilled

“E series of the business has the wind.” You can go and read more sentences like this at ZOL, the Chinese site which has got its mitts on Nokia’s forthcoming C7. Or you can stay with us and get some (slightly) more coherent sentences about the leak.

The crux is that the blog has found the as-yet-unannounced C7 lying about. It’s an unsurprising looking thing, but it will be Nokia’s second phone running Symbian^3 after the N8 (which we had a good look at back in June).

Fashioned in bronzed aluminium and fronted by a 3.5in capacative touchscreen, it has an 8MP cam with dual-LED flash (plus a second front-facing cam).

And that’s about all we can glean from Google Translate’s valiant attempt to turn the Chinese original into English. We are with ZOL, though, in agreeing that, “Nokia will make you an eye-opener, like C7, ensuring a different experience to enter the Nokia world.” Exactly.