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Nokia gets exclusive with 8800 Carbon Arte

Nokia's already lining up two new mobiles for early next week, but while we all speculate about whether it's the touchscreen Tube or not, the Finns ha

Hefty in weight and price tag, the original 8800 Arte and Sapphire Arte were aimed directly at posing types and city slickers with far more cash than common sense. Alas, the 8800 Carbon Arte picks up where it’s elder siblings left off. As you can probably guess, it rocks a featherlight frame, with ‘3D patterns that express the inherent  performance and lustre of carbon fibre.’ Nope, us neither.

Like the original, it’s a slider with a neat line in design, as well as specifically created wallpapers and themes to give you that feeling of exclusivity. Like the flashing red light iPhone app, but actually classy.

Obviously, this isn’t all about looks. Nokia has thrown in 3G, a 3.2MP snapper and support for up to 4GB so you can store tunes too. And just to keep it all smudge free, Nok’s coated it in a fingerprint proof material.

Fancy it? It’s yours from around October for a mere £870 SIM free. What do you mean that’s too much? Remember to look out for news on two new Nokia blowers next week here on Stuff.tv


Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Price: £870 SIM free

On sale: October

Contact: Nokia