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OnePlus’ new iPhone case comes with a cheeky invitation to buy a OnePlus X

Talk about sticking it to the man

If you’re rocking a naked iPhone 6s, chances are you’ve noticed that its premium aluminium build, while wonderful, makes it prone to suicidal pavement leaps. But don’t worry, OnePlus wants to help.

That’s right, the self-proclaimed Android underdog has decided to start selling iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s cases, decked out in the popular black sandstone texture which has won over many OnePlus fans, thanks to the amount of grip that it offers.

iPhone owners who buy the case might notice a cheeky little engraving on the inside too, which reads “Get a grip. #NeverSettle”. Oh, those guys. What are they like eh?

Even better (or worse, depending on your perspective), each iPhone 6s case comes with an invite to purchase the new OnePlus X. Luckier recipients might find an invite for the rarer OnePlus X ceramic model, or even a voucher for a completely free handset.

We’re not entirely sure just how many Apple fans will be willing to traverse the great Android divide and actually purchase an iPhone case from a rival camp, but as we found in our review, the OnePlus X offers an incredibly premium-feeling experience, for far less than the cost of an iPhone.

Whether you’re reclining in horror, laughing at the nerve (or are simply indifferent), you’ve got to hand it to OnePlus’ marketing team for bringing OnePlus into the spotlight once again. Although, we have to say, the promo video above is more than a little nauseating.

If you fancy dipping your iToe into the Android pool, then you can buy the £16 OnePlus iPhone 6 or 6s case right here.