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OnLive Desktop app streams Windows 7 to your iPad

Playtime's over – the cloud gaming service's free app can now stream Microsoft's OS to your iPad

Unlock ALL the things! Super Crate Box is an award-winning iOS game which revolves around a simple premise: destroy the baddies and collect as many crates as you can in the process before your inevitable demise.

The more crates players unlock collectively, the more free content is made available by developers.

The 10 million crate barrier has already been smashed and the next target is 40 million. What are you waiting for?

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Super Crate Box £0.69

This app has an interactive map displaying the locations of the mysterious urban artist Banksy’s work in the capital, so that budding art connesseurs like yourselves can track down various pieces and brush up on your artistic knowledge.

A sure fire way to impress on a first date – or look like a crazed graffiti-obsessed fan. One or the other.

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Banksy London Tour £1.99

This smart visual voicemail solution lets you customise voicemail greetings for different people, allowing your answerphone message to switch from a Shakesperean sonnet to an important-sounding gruff business tone, for your significant other and boss, respectively. We hope.

You can even greet people with Tweets or status updates, though be aware that the service will use up your contract minutes.

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ON Voicefeed £free

The perfect app for caffeine-fiends just got better with a new card management and mobile payment option which lets you view and add to the balance of your Starbucks card before having it scanned for quick and easy payment.

Naturally, the app also lets you view the calorie damage of those iced caramel lattes, as well as showing you the location of the nearest Starbucks (there’s probably one right behind you).

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Starbucks UK £free

If President Obama’s recent foray in to the world of Instagram finally piqued your interest in the filter-fuelled photo sharing service then you might like to take InstaFlow for a spin.

Intuitive multitouch navigation allows for easy browsing of Instagram pictures and related picture stacks, while information and comments can be viewed at the tap of a finger.

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