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Peek performance: Apple announces 8 March event

All the way up the M2?

Dust off your guessing hat and grab hold of your credit card before it flees to safety, because Apple has announced its next event. This one’s called Peek performance and you’ll be able to watch online at 6pm London time on 8 March 2022.

But what does it all mean, aside from Apple finding an iPun down the back of the sofa? Well, the performance bit suggests Apple’s going to reveal new and exciting powerful kit. But the peek bit makes us wonder whether some of this stuff will be a preview, rather than products you’ll be able to buy immediately – an iMac Pro, perhaps?

Here’s what might be announced next week, then – and certainly what we’d like to see.

Power up

2021’s iMac will likely inform the design of some of this year’s Macs

Revamped MacBooks, whether that’s a ramped-up entry-level MacBook Pro or a new MacBook Air (possibly dubbed just ‘MacBook’) with a design echoing 2021’s 24in iMac.

The iMac Pro, which would fizz with awesome, with a honking great screen, absurdly powerful innards, a fancy new design and – we hope – no notch.

A ‘minier’ Mini, or, quite possibly, a more powerful one. Either way, it’d be great to see Apple do something exciting with its tiny desktop, beyond shoving a new chip in that ancient case.

The new Mac Pro could make an appearance, albeit most likely in the ‘peek’ sense, if Apple wants to showcase the raw power of welding a bunch of its new chips together. Seems more like a WWDC thing, mind.

Powerful new iPads, which at the very least should see a speed-bump to the Air, but might also find the iPad Pro getting a boost. Not that it’s exactly light on clout right now.

A new iPhone SE, which, if Apple’s history is anything to go by, will cram last year’s iPhone guts into an ageing frame. Still, it’ll be cheap. Ish.

A 4K Apple display that we can also use fully with our iPads. OK, that’s probably not going to happen, but we live in hope!