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The Perfect gun for Wii

We’re getting a little impatient for Nintendo’s Wii Zapper. Sticking the Wiimote onto a gun-like grip is about as obvious as the pointless

How about this instead? The Wii Perfect Shot Gun, from gaming peripheral guru Nyko. It’s a pistol-shaped (not shotgun-shaped) mounting for your Wiimote controller.

The Wiimote slots in on top of the white and blue, two-colours-off-realistic, handgun – the trigger activating the B-button on the Wiimote.

The Wii Perfect Shot Gun might make you a perfect shot on the Wii, but without the necessary games it might be hard to prove. It ships in America on Amazon.com, which recommends Ultimate Duck Hunting – a more ‘realistic’ version of the 1985 NES classic – as a nice game to try it on.

We’re sure Deer Murdering and The Immigrant Inquisition aren’t far behind. Until then, we’re going to wait ‘til out local import game emporium gets them in and use one for Metroid 3 mayhem.

You feelin’ lucky, Samus?


The Wii Perfect Shot Gun

Price: $13 (£6)

On sale: Early December

Contact: Nyko

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