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Play Pong with your eyes

The eyes have it – GT3D device lets you control computer using optical movement

No, your peepers aren’t deceiving you. Researchers from Imperial College London have built a device that lets you control a computer solely with your eyes. 

Using “smart” software, the GT3D tracks a person’s eye movement, enabling them to control a cursor much like a computer mouse. It can even register mouse clicks through winking.

To show off what the device can do, the research team got people to play the retro arcade game Pong, write emails and browse the web – all hands-off. 

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the GT3D is its ability to measure the distance of how far someone is looking. This opens up the possibility that one day we’ll be able to control vehicles simply by looking at where we want to go.

The technology is being built primarily for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and other such debilitating conditions, but it’s a big step forward that will certainly have a broader impact in the world of tech. What’s more, the device costs just less than £40 to make – a pittance given its capabilities.

Your move, Project Glass…

[via Phys.org]

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