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PS4 to launch after Xbox 720

Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will almost certainly arrive before a new PlayStation according to Sony’s CEO

Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai has assured The Times a new Xbox will be out before we see a next-gen PlayStation.

After the PlayStation Vita fell on poor sales it’s pretty clear Sony doesn’t want to be the first to take a risk again. With Ouya, Project Shield, and Razer Edge redefining gaming this is a risky time for Sony. And if the most recent Xbox 720 spec leak is accurate Sony sure has a tough act to follow.

Here’s hoping both Microsoft and Sony unveil some version of their next consoles at E3 this June. Until then check out our Project Shield vs Razer Edge Pro story to see if consoles of old are soon to be consigned to the gadget scraphead.

[via gamespot]

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