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PS4 video teases (but won’t put out) – here’s our blow-by-blow analysis

Want to know what the PS4 looks like? This video shows it off in all its blurry glory. But you can see some vents, if you look hard enough


Sony has released the first official glimpse (and we mean glimpse) of the PS4 console, and it’s left us salivating with both desire and frustration.

Hungry to see more than the already-revealed DualShock 4 controller, we have scoured the tantalising video a few hundred times, desperate for clues.

Aside from the fact that the PS4 looks to be square-ish in shape, pausing at just the right moment reveals what appears to be a lens, suggesting that a next-gen PlayStation Eye camera will be bundled with the console at launch.

Another pause shows off a circular vent which is unsurprising, unless of course the PS4 has liquid nitrogen cooling (which we very much doubt).

Freezing about 15 seconds in reveals a series of chevrons. Perhaps the PS4 can double up as an emergency road sign? Or maybe we’re just looking at more vents. Which would be good, we suppose, for quiet operation and superior cooling, which both sound good to us.

And here we have an alluringly angled wedge. We’re betting that this hangs over/obscures USB and controller ports as well as the Blu-ray disc slot. Or maybe it’s just there to look nice, which, in all fairness, it does.

Speed holes. Like speed stripes, they make cars go faster, and with this many tiny holes we expect the PS4 can reach up to 400mph, easily.

Finally, we have the triangular number 4, signifying that this is indeed the fourth iteration of the PlayStation. This is the only one we’re 100 per cent certain about. We’d bet all our internet on it. 

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